WNS Global Services

In 2016, when WNS Global Services launched its thought leadership platform, “WNS DecisionPoint™,” they worked with Knowledge@Wharton to create a customized suite of co-branded initiatives, leveraging the strength of both partners to amplify messages about best practices for data-driven decision making.

Another significant area of alignment is tracking advancements and innovations in technology — which is at the forefront of business transformation and continues to redefine future business operations. Responding to the opportunity to connect its brand with the 3 million users coming to Knowledge@Wharton for news about business and technology, WNS recently became sponsor of all technology-focused content on the site.

“It made perfect sense for WNS to partner with Wharton. Among a host of subjects where there was alignment of focus, we decided to start with customer analytics, an area in which value proposition is getting redefined with increasing maturity levels of the big data lifecycle,” says Akhilesh Ayer, Executive Vice President & Head – Research & Analytics and Head – Marketing at WNS.

“We’re thrilled to expand our partnership in this way,” says Mukul Pandya, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of Knowledge@Wharton. “We wanted a sponsor that shares our dedication to serving the analytics and technology sector, and WNS is an ideal partner.”

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